Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades

October 28th, 2013

By J. C. Bailey III

You may have heard the saying that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Close is not always fatal in planning for your future, but often times it fails completely. I talk to someone every week who was hoping that close enough would be good enough. The conversations usually involve the good intentions of a person or the unfairness of the result. “But Mr. Bailey I know my Uncle would have wanted me and my family to have his estate.” I will often hear about quiet talks and promises made. There may even be documents drafted but never properly executed. It’s not my place to judge the intentions of the heart. I much prefer to read intentions in properly drafted documents designed for the very purpose of making their wishes reality.

Intending to buy a lottery ticket rarely qualifies one for winning the lottery. Turning a paper in after the deadline rarely qualifies one for a good grade. Talking about doing estate planning rarely creates an estate plan. Please consider the potential mess you may leave by failing to prepare for your disability and death. Estate planning is not particularly expensive or time consuming. In comparison to the expense and dysfunction brought on by failing to plan, planning is right on target. Mr. Bailey has been helping people plan for the future for more than a quarter of a century and is available to help you.