In a Few Words

By J.C. Bailey

As the story goes Ernest Hemingway was sitting at the round table at the Algonquin engaged in a discussion of his writing style when a wager was proposed. Hemingway was offered $10.00 if he could write a story in six words. Hemingway was up to the challenge. “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” The famous six word story stands as a monument to the brilliance of Hemingway’s brevity. The story may not evoke the same thoughts with every reader, but there is power in the ideas that inhabit even a few words.

An online magazine asked some famous and not so famous people to write their life story in six words or less. The result was as varied as the attitudes of the authors. Some were hopeful and appreciative while others were laced with regrets and lingering disappointment. As a Probate and Estate Planning Attorney, I frequently hear the reflections of people contemplating their past and wondering what their legacy will be. Some six word summaries sound like this:

“Good intentions, time flew, too late.”
“Not quite what I planned.”
“Worked hard, but time ran out.”
“Just never got around to it.”
“Figured it would just work out.”

Have you thought about what your legacy will be? Part of preparing for the future is a good estate plan. A skilled attorney can help you choose the right words in the right documents to help you accomplish your goals. Take some time to consult with an experienced estate planning attorney and perhaps your story will be; “Better than I could have imagined.”


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