The New Battlefront, Part III

By Steve Sanderfer

As I have been reporting, Bailey & Galyen has been on the front lines of the war declared by insurance companies. One of our battle strategies has been to file the smaller cases, in which insurance companies offer less than the cost of medical bills, in small claims court. We have filed more than 90 such cases in the last two months.

What I would like to report today is the success we are having. As of today, of the 90 or so cases we have filed, nine have been settled after we filed them. NINE. That is almost 10 percent. If you were to add up the total offers on those nine cases prior to filing them in small claims court, the total would be $31,752.00. After filing them in small claims courts, the total of the offers on those nine settled cases is $53,600.00.

That means that, by Bailey & Galyen fighting for our clients, we were able to obtain $21,848.00 more on those nine files than what had been previously offered. Bailey & Galyen is leading the way and showing our clients that we not only fight for them, we obtain good results.

And you should expect nothing less from the best law firm in Texas.

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