The New Battlefront, Part II

By Steve Sanderfer

Two months ago, we reported that Bailey & Galyen, in an effort to combat the insurance companies declaring war on people injured in minor accidents, would start a section devoted to filing small claims cases.

Two months later, I am pleased to report that Bailey & Galyen has filed 80 small claims cases, with several more to be filed in the next two weeks.

In even better news, insurance companies are starting to take notice. One insurance adjuster stated that “no other law firm is doing what you are doing.” In other cases, insurance adjusters have called to offer our clients more money than their “top offer” before we filed the case.

We will continue to put pressure on the insurance companies. We will continue to fight for you, our clients. We will continue to think outside the box and look for ways to combat the insurance companies who seem to have no concern for you or your injuries.

And that is what makes Bailey & Galyen the best law firm in Texas.

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