What Can We Do For You?

By J. C. Bailey

As I write this article I am having a good week and a great last few days.  The reason for my stellar job satisfaction is simple.  I have been able to help people.  Each of the last several days, I have met with people who had needs that I could address.  We engaged in conversation and gathered information, and I was able to prescribe the preparation of the appropriate documents or a course of action that would address that person’s needs.  Nothing that took place this week will make me rich or famous, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t important.  So, what can we do for you?

We may say, “NO.”

A valuable and underrated answer to a question is “No.”  “I live in Kenya and want to file for bankruptcy in the U. S. where I have never lived.”  “Does your firm handle international psychic marsupial law?”  “A judge just ordered me not to go within 1,000 feet of my wife, but I know better than that judge.” “No” is a way of taking options off the table so that you can focus on options that are still in play.  This value is not always apparent to the client because the terrible option was their favorite option, and they don’t like the answer.  A close relative of “no” is “run the other direction!”  “Me and my 14 brothers and sisters, several of whom are dead, missing or incarcerated, may have an interest in an abandoned house somewhere with back taxes due and toxic waste seeping up through the floors.”  Run away!

We may say, “Let’s think about this.”

One of the most important services offered by an attorney is document review and analysis.  You receive a contract for a new job or an investment opportunity.  You receive notification that a class action has been filed, and you have been identified as a member of the class.  An attorney has sent you a waiver to sign or a legal document that requires some action on your part.  Assuming that you understand the letter, or placing the document in the pile of mail on the kitchen table can cost you dearly.  The investment you make by having an expert review those documents is a small price to pay for protection and peace of mind.

We may say, “Yes!”

We all like to say “yes.”  It is a pleasure to give the go-ahead to a project or course of action.  It is exciting to be in on the beginning of something we all hope will be successful.  The drafting of the appropriate documents, negotiating of a settlement or winning of a trial are all satisfying. More importantly, they help improve the lives of our clients! Perhaps the best part of the day is when I exchange a “thank you” with a client.

Call us and let us help you solve your legal puzzle!

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