Bailey and Galyen Legal Card

Bailey & Galyen is unique in many ways.  It is likely the largest consumer law firm in Texas.  It has 12 neighborhood offices to meet the communities’ entire legal needs.  It accepts credit cards, checks and/or cash payments, and has payment plans to suit every neighbor’s budget and financial ability.  Bailey & Galyen is also the only consumer law firm in Texas that has a legal card.  With the current state of our economy, it is difficult for many clients to afford the costs of legal services. Yet in many instances, these clients are still in need of legal assistance. In order to assist our clients, Bailey & Galyen has partnered with leading credit card company RAI Credit to offer the Bailey and Galyen Legal Card. The Bailey & Galyen Legal Card is a first of its kind, providing an affordable financing option for legal services for Bailey & Galyen clients. Qualified clients will be able to pay for legal services with convenient monthly payments making the cost of legal services within their reach.

Cardholder Benefits:

  • No Annual Fee.
  • Low monthly payments.
  • A credit card developed just for legal services.
  • Revolving credit line that can be paid off at any time without penalty.
  • Apply once, and then pay for all your future legal needs.
  • Ability to spread out the cost of legal services over time.
  • Reliable customer service.
  • Easy application process and quick response.
  • The ability to reserve general purpose credit cards for everyday or unplanned expenses.

The application process only takes a few minutes and can be done over the phone or the internet.  To apply for a Bailey & Galyen Legal Card, please call 877-935-2424 today, or simply fill out the intake form on the Bailey & Galyen website and we will contact you immediately.

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