Veterans News

by by John Fabry

The Veterans Administration recently announced an important change concerning Ischemic Heart Disease, Hairy Cell Leukemia, and Parkinson’s Disease. These three conditions are now presumed to be caused by contact with Agent Orange. Agent Orange was widely used in the Vietnam War as a defoliant. All military personnel are presumed to have had come in contact with Agent Orange if they served in Vietnam. This new rule means that if a Veteran was ever in Vietnam and now has Ischemic Heart Disease, Hairy Cell Leukemia, or Parkinson’s, the VA should automatically presume the disease is caused from contact with Agent Orange.

The total living Vietnam Veteran population is about 2.1 million people. Ischemic Heart Disease causes more deaths and more disability than any other illness in the Western world. Ischemic Heart Disease includes any atherosclerotic heart disease resulting in clinically significant ischemia or requiring coronary revascularization.

Many of the half million deceased Vietnam Veterans have widows that are now eligible for DIC Benefits. Although many widows will be granted benefits, a significant number will be declined. Even if benefits are granted, we would like to examine the case to be sure the correct effective date is used. It would not be surprising for the VA to grant benefits starting with the date of application rather than at the time of the Veteran’s death.

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