eBay Class Certified

by John Fabry

Bailey & Galyen is pleased to report that a class action was certified against eBay September 30, 2010. The class is defined as:

“All eBay customers, beginning April 20, 2003, who advertised a listing for sale on eBay.com using the Sell Your Item form and using the ‘start listing when submitted’ default selection for listing start time. Excluded from the class are: (a) claims based on listings with the ‘By It Now’ option where the item was sold at the ‘Buy It Now’ price; (b) defendant eBay and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees; (c) any governmental entity; (d) any judge or judicial officer presiding over this matter and his or her immediate family members; (e) claims for personal injury and wrongful death; and (f) any and all legal representatives of the parties and their employees.”

Class certification is not a decision on the merits of the case. The Court has decided that eBay customers can pursue the case as a class action rather than as individual claims. If you would like additional information about this class action, please contact John Fabry at 1.866.715.1529 or jfabry@galyen.com.

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