Do We Really Need an Attorney?

by Steve Sanderfer

That seems to be the question any time we are injured. We get slammed by another car and we believe that we can simply take care of the problem ourselves. Or maybe our friends give us conflicting advice — some say yes, some say no.

Now it is my turn to give advice — yes, you need an attorney. If not, you will face the insurance companies, medical providers, auto shops and, again, the insurance companies all alone. Let me tell you a little secret: the insurance companies absolutely love it when they get to deal with you without an attorney. Where most of us dream of new cars and long vacations, insurance adjusters dream of claimants who do not have an attorney.

And what can an attorney do for you? First and foremost, we are the buffer between you and the insurance company. The insurance adjuster is not your friend. Insurers want to pay you as little as possible. An attorney knows the rules, the laws, and how to deal and negotiate with the insurance company. An attorney knows their tricks, their postures and how best to maximize your recovery. If you have an attorney, the threat of a lawsuit hangs like a dark cloud over their heads and makes them more willing to negotiate.

Second, an attorney knows how to deal with the medical providers. We make sure that you pay a fair price for your care. We negotiate with the providers to lower their bills and make sure what you pay is reasonable.

Finally, while an accident or injury may be your first, third or even ninth, it is not something you face daily. We do this every day. We do it a lot. And we do it well.

So, the next time you find yourself asking if you need an attorney, remember that it is always good, when entering a battle, to have the army on your side. And at Bailey & Galyen, you not only get that army, you get the best army in Texas.

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