Strives in Making Information on Immigration Cases Easier to Obtain

by Michael Spychalski

One of the most frustrating aspects of practicing immigration law over the years has been trying to obtain information on a particular case or a current client’s case.  However, immigration has been improving in this area and it has helped us keep the client better informed.  Before, all you could do was write an email inquiry to immigration and hope immigration would write back.  Often clients would get very frustrated with their case.

Currently, there are more options available.  A customer service number has been established to talk with someone about their case get an inquiry done where you will receive an answer within 30 days.  I have recently noticed that a call by an attorney allows access to the actual service centers that are doing the processing.  Also, besides the email inquiry, clients have an opportunity to go the local immigration office and speak face to face with an immigration officer.  This is called an Infopass.  This is available every day of the week except for Wednesdays and federal holidays from 6am-1:30 pm.  An appointment can be set at a specific time and the immigration officer usually has access to current information.

The most recent option is dealing with detained clients.  Detained clients often get moved from one detention facility to another without anyone knowing.  Immigration has now launched an Online Detainee Locator System.  You can now search the detainee’s name to find out where they are located.  The other information it will report is whether or not the detainee is currently in ICE custody, and also provides information about what facility the detainee is in, such as a telephone number.  There is also a frequently asked questions section.  You will have to make sure that the name is accurately spelled.  It still is not a perfect system but getting information on your immigration case has become easier.

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