Co-Parenting in a High-Tech World

By Pam Wilder

Keeping track of your children’s schedules is difficult even in a perfect world.  It can become even more trying when families are split into multiple households.  This situation is often further complicated when parents have difficulty communicating with one another in a peaceful manner. 

The Our Family Wizard Web site offers divorced and/or unmarried parents many tools that can change the way they share information.  The Web site features private and shared calendars, notifications and reminders, an expense log, a journal, and an information bank.  The calendar feature allows you to plan and track visitation schedules and share information about activities, while the expense log allows you to track shared expenses and keep detailed expense records, both of which can be helpful managing kids in separate households. The printable reports and record keeping can also be a helpful tool for your attorney when managing and preparing your case for trial.

Each parent pays a yearly subscription fee to access the Web site and use the available features.  The site has been successfully used for more than eight years to limit “he said/she said” disagreements between parents and reduce their number of unnecessary court appearances.

Reduce conflict and improve communication about your children’s best interests in a more effective way.  Take a look at the many other features and resources available on and contact an attorney at Bailey & Galyen for a free consultation regarding your divorce or custody case and how to make the Our Family Wizard Web site part of your child custody agreement.

Family Law in a Struggling Economy

The economic downturn has affected families in many ways.  Job layoffs, rising debt and declining property values are just a few examples of the personal stressors caused by today’s economy.  These issues can lead to the breakup of marriages and families and leave parents with very few alternatives as they face the possibility of supporting two households.

The cost of getting a divorce leads many couples to pursue a pro-se divorce.  Many online sources offer do-it-yourself divorce kits and sample divorce petitions and decrees.  But beware the one-size-fits-all divorce!  Every family’s situation is unique, so you should avoid the fill-in-the-blank divorce decree.  Crucial mistakes can be made, rights may be waived and NO AGREEMENTS should be entered into without first getting legal advice.  An online divorce kit cannot ask the questions that will ensure you not only get everything you are entitled to, but also have all the proper documents on file to protect your rights and property interests.  Contact the attorneys at Bailey & Galyen for a free consultation. We can handle your divorce in a responsible and economical manner.

Another issue that often arises in a poor economy is that of child support.  If you are paying child support and have lost your job or had a significant decrease in income, contact a family law attorney at Bailey & Galyen to find out about modifying your child support obligation.  The law states that, if your income has decreased enough, you may be able to decrease your child support obligation by either 20 percent or $100 per month, whichever is higher.

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