By Julie Johnson

When litigation begins, especially in family law, it simply brings out the worst in people. It seems that a determination to win becomes the focus and can snowball, overtaking and enveloping the parties, who must come to a place to stop, focus and analyze the situation. There needs to be a method for removing the layers of emotion, as well as for finding a position from which to create a new normality. Mediation is the tool to accomplish this goal. Mediation, specifically in family law cases, is absolutely the best avenue for beginning new relationships as co-parents and even as ex-spouses, for going forward knowing that respect has returned and healing begun.

When two parties come together in good faith with a desire to work together, the end result is compromise. Guided by an unbiased third party who can see from each party’s perspective and communicate with each, middle ground is found. There are no winners and no losers; the final product is a mitigation of damages. Sometimes the damage that has been stopped is financial, but many times it is the lives of the children involved that are affected. Additionally, mediation, when done under the watchful eye of each party’s legal counsel, allows the parties to restore lives often frozen in time as a result of adversarial circumstances.

At Bailey and Galyen, we foster a relationship that allows your legal and emotional needs to be communicated, and we build a team to find the best possible outcome in your circumstances. Mediation is just one of the ways that Bailey and Galyen can offer you the expertise and professional counsel to help resolve your personal situation successfully.

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